Entry Requirements

Overseas students are required to meet the entry requirements for the program they apply for.

Bachelor, Masters and PhD Programs require:

  • Satisfactory completion of a recognized secondary school.
  • IELTS (http://www.britishcouncil.gr/en/exam/ielts) or any other equivalent qualification.
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Certified external examination results for secondary graduation, if applicable.
  • SAT scores required for those applicants who have attended a US high school.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Letter of motivation

Please contact the respective International Services Offices for information concerning requirements for the program of your choice.


English Language


International students are required to have a good standard of English before starting any program. For students whose native language is not English, Colleges/Universities require submission of an IELTS score, or a recognized equivalent.

Students do not need to have taken the test before applying, but will need to have gained the minimum test scores before they begin classes.

English Language Departments might be able to offer classes and workshops to improve language skills for students whose English level is less than the required standard.

Application Procedure

Prospective candidates must fill in the applications available on the respective websites of Colleges/Universities or contact the International Student Offices requesting the application form.

Your application may be sent via email, to the respective Admissions Offices of the College/University of your choice with scanned documents of the supporting qualifications. These might include your transcripts, passport/visa copies, cv, recommendation letters, motivation letter and English Language certification.

As soon as your Application is received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Department for evaluation.  You will receive a response within the next weeks.


VISA and Residence Permit

Preparation, Papers, Procedures

In order to enter and study in Greece, you must obtain a student visa from the Greek Consulate nearest you in your country. This student visa must state on the passport that it is type “D” for studies at ………….College/University (not type “C” for tourists).  The Greek Consulates around the world may issue visas for students who are accepted by Colleges/Universities, thus, you must, first, go through the admissions process. The issuing of VISA rests solely on the Greek embassies or consulates in your country.

Student VISA documents include:

  • Copy of Passport
  • International Health Certificate (from your country)
  • Four current color “passport size” photographs
  • Letter of Good Conduct from you local Police (Criminal Record Certificate)
  • Student Declaration of responsibility for the accuracy of information provided, acceptance of the respective Colleges’/Universities’ rules and regulations
  • Parent Declaration of acceptance of responsibility for the student’s financial
  • International Health Insurance
  • Your home address, phone & fax numbers, and person to be contacted in case of emergency

 This process takes approximately two to four weeks.

Please note that every Consulate in each country has its own requirements for the issuance of student visas. Thus, a Consulate may or may not require an interview with you.  Other Consulates may require more detailed documentation pertaining to your financial status and, some others, may have additional requirements with respect to parental guarantees, police clearance, and “special” notarization, certification, or “apostil” of documents by the authorities in your country.   You need to check with the Greek Consulate nearest you and find out what exactly they require from you.

The student visa issued to you will be valid up to 90 days and is activated immediately upon its issuance. It is very important, therefore, for you to arrange to travel to Greece as soon as possible after receiving your visa.

After coming to Greece with your student visa, please be informed that it is necessary for you to apply immediately for the Residence Permit for Studies due to the fact that the documents required for the submission of an application for a residence permit take a considerable length of time in order to be prepared.

Residence Permit requirements

The following steps must be taken and documents be collected, with the assistance of the International Student Offices, after you arrive in Greece in order to be reviewed by the respective offices so that they may proceed with your Residence Permit application:

  1. Three (4) color pictures
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of Student Visa
  4. Copy of the “Districts decision” of residence permit
  5. Certificate of enrollment in Greek from the respective Colleges’/Universities’ Registry/Records Office stating:
  • that you are a full time student
  • years of studies
  1. Transcript from the respective Colleges’/Universities’ Registry/Records Office
  2. Declaration stating your address in Greece
  3. Pay a Tax Fee of 150 euro at the Tax Office which belongs to the Town Hall that you will submit your documents. The tax office will give you a blue receipt
  4. Proof of Health Insurance stating coverage of the following: Medical treatment & Hospitalization
  5. Bank statement in your name (in Greek) from a Greek Bank account in your name.


A variety of scholarships are available to students. Scholarships are based upon a number of criteria ranging from academic criteria to social criteria. Students can contact the International Students Offices in the respective Colleges/Universities receive information concerning scholarships.