Milos Drca, Serbia

Thessaloniki is an amazing city to live and study in! It is a welcoming city for students with so many to do and see when you don’t have classes! Great food, crazy fun, lasting friendships with other students: it was all in beautiful Thessaloniki. I enjoyed so much my university years and still feel nostalgic about it. I had the best time ever!

Adrian Solomon, Romania

“Thessaloniki offers unique student life experiences. With such a multicultural mix and various backgrounds of people that you meet in this place, there is no way that any student will not truly benefit from a rich social life combined with his/her academic development. The warm climate and the seaside will create unforgettable memories for your student life. Also known for its young population, Thessaloniki offers a wide variety of leisure and nightlife activities for all tastes. Worried about food? You can stop right here… at every corner, on every street you will find places to eat and the local delicacies will change your perspective on anything that you knew about food! Even more, as the summer approaches towards the end of each academic year, you will be lucky enough to be so close to the famous beaches of Chalkidiki!  Finally, the long night walks by the seaside or in the upper (old) city with the view of entire Thessaloniki will be your ultimate benchmark for a place where you would like to go for your studies!”

Thessaloniki is a dreamy city to live and to study in. Let’s start from the beginning. It is fairly large in size, with many University students so it’s never the same, there will always be something you can do anytime. It offers plenty of entertainment such as clubs, cafes (for all tastes) cinemas and other entertainment centers. It is also famous for its rich history which we should all get to know. A walk along the seafront can be calming, relaxing and helpful for finding solutions for all your problems. In other words, it is a very romantic city. An important feature is that in the summer, Thessaloniki empties out as it is closely located to Halkidiki which has many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy very beautiful moments. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and choose which city I want to study in, I would choose again Thessaloniki.

Stephanie Tapley, U.S.A.

If you want to study in a location where you’ll never be lonely or bored, this is the place! Thessaloniki has activities for every kind of person. There are great clubs and bars for the partiers, ruins and museums for the history lover, concerts and theater for the artsy types- there’s definitely something for everyone. The city is beautiful with weather to match, and everyone spends their days walking around or sitting at cafes with friends. Everyone is welcoming and willing to help you no matter what language you speak, and it’s so easy to build relationships that can last a lifetime. Why is this all so important? When you study abroad, you’re usually alone and away from your family and friends for the first time ever. Being in a place that’s supportive, safe, and fun is essential to keeping you happy and healthy enough to do well in school. Thessaloniki is all of these things and more, and I’m so glad I chose it for my time abroad.

Areti Koti, Greece

The perfect city to live, study and feel like home! Thessaloniki is a city that you fall in love with the first sight. The second largest city in Greece which has so much to offer; ideal for student life as well. Theatres, museums, cultural events, historical places, festivals, parades, sport activities and nightlife are just a few to mention of how vibrant the city life can be in everyday of the week. There is so much you can learn and see because every corner has history within.

Thessaloniki was such a great experience which I would suggest to everyone; I love this city, and if I could go back, I would still chose it to spend some of the most important years of my life.

Your student life cannot be hard when you are surrounded by polite, helpful and friendly people, when you live and study in a city which surrounds you with love. You will experience the Greek culture for which many tourists strive to take a glance at least once in their life. As a student you will have the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds, exchange experiences, broaden your cultural knowledge, and of course create new friendships.

Another aspect that needs to be emphasized, is culinary J. The Balkans are well-known for their great food, to which Thessaloniki cannot make any exception. Great food and friends are the best combination for any time of the day.

And when you want to free you mind, just take a walk by the beautiful seaside and relax among the wave sounds. Everything goes away when you become one with that breathtaking sunset.